Why even in 2021 Israeli Medical Cannabis is one of the biggest bullshit stories ever told

Israel. 2009. it is a stormy winter but the growing season in Israel never really stops due to the endless sunshine and not-too-cold temperatures which barely drops below zero both at day and night. Cannabis farmers are work year round in israel and especially in the Southern parth - The Desert. 

During that time, Israel was fast becoming a leader in the global cannabis industry, spearheading growing medical marijuana at scales nobody dared doing anywhere else, doing research, genetic programs and work that the rest of the world could not really do due to regulations. It worked, The program was saving thousands of lives, bringing people back from the dead, giving hope to patients and farmers for a better future. We were so happy and we were doing revolutionary things every day.

But some did not like it. it was simply too good. and we have helped too many people. studies started popping showing a dramatic decrease in pharma drugs consumed by most medical cannabis users and that scared the shit out of many people and companies and some goverment organizations that seems to clearly not give a fuck about human lives.

This will be the year the corrupted Israeli Ministry of Health burried medical cannabis.

Today when i am writing this, it is the 1st of December 2021 and Israeli patients still do not have proper medicine, not the ability to grow their own medicine, and they are stuck in a monopolized market with radiated cannabis with very little to no effect, zero consistency. mediocre to horrible quality, molds etc and you can barely ever find the actual strain that you need.

The israeli MOH has a system of categories of how much THC or CBD is in it they do not even care about anything else. generically disgusting with very little to no terpenes. for example T20 C4. which essentially means THC 20% CBD 4%. But in reality this system is just so... rediculous and makes absolutely no sense. why have these categories? to make it easier for the pharmacists? just shtfu and light one up... 

in the meantime, a few public companies which pretty much control most of the market are reporting huge profits while patients are forced to buy overpriced cannabis that isn't even really that good 95% of times. 

and guess what, most of the cannabis consumed in the legal israeli cannabis market is actually imported from Canada or Portugal. 

Confused? So are we...

Now how is that possible? 

It's not that there aren't good farmers in israel, Hell i personally trained some so what is the deal? Why can't they produce proper medicine?
Maybe they don't really want to or rather import...

Time for someone in the israeli goverment to act. Oh wait, They are too busy making money from the drug war and letting violent gangs and corporate gangs rule the game. 

A little bit like in many "medical" states, because of a bad legal framework, the system does not work and the term dispensary weed or pharmacy weed has become a derogatory term while black market is doing better than ever and on average grows way better cannabis than corporate cannabis. and why is that?

Our readers are intelligent, You probably already know the answer.


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