Afghanistan, The Ancient Tradition of Hashish and The Taliban Connection

Afghanistan has been one of the oldest producing countries in the world. The cannabis and hashish culture goes so way back that it's hard to pin point exactly when thi journey began as it goes back centuries.So far that many of the world famous cannabis genetics these days actually originated from Afghani lines and The Afghan genes are present in many of our most loved strains even on the best strains of 2021 I bet your can find some Afghani genetics present in the mix when you trace back the ancestors.

Areas such as the outskirts of Kabul, Mazar i Sharif, Kandahar and many others. Have been for centuries cultivating the majority of the world's hash. In fact, Many believe that nobody, Not the United Nations nor anyone has exact figures of the actual scale of cultivation going on, But one thing is pretty sure - Afghanistan is still even today in 2021 the wordl's largest producer of hashish and Opioum. To understand the relations of Afghanistan with cultivation of marijuana and poppies we need to go out of the city back in time and out to the mountains...

Cannabis has been one of the only crops that can actually feed families. Similar to other Charas / Hashish making region - The Himalayas of North India and many other regions that had been producing to support the local communities. Remote mountain communities that are neglected do not have much of a choice but to grow what sells and what makes dough. Litterally. If you have ever been hungry - Most people haven't - You know, After days without food, You will do many things for food. Especially if your children are hungry.

Now this is not a new thing that corrupted politicians, Terror and violent criminal groups exploit these communities and the drug trade to make money to fund their activity. But now, We have had decades of terror groups such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda basically holding this country and it's people hostage and growing massive amounts of marijuana. Not surprising that this plant has made them richer and more powerful while in the meantime the corrupted Afghani government had been playing with lives and stuffing money in their pockets. This government is probably not exactly a real government anyway.

Some theories claim Afghanistan was the perfect ground for druglords and warlords to wash out their money. Would it be surprising? Afghanistan has been notorious for smuggling superioir hashish a long time ago. Even the Taliban will not stop it, Quite the opposite actually. The Taliban is now sitting on a mountain of gold.

Sadly, The women and children and men of Afghanistan are in between this mess and are paying the price. Evil druglords gunhustlers and militants trying to make money from human trafficking, hashish and heroin. This is no doubt a humanitarian nightmare. But does anybody give a flying fuck?

Probably not. It's just business for some folks. No value to human lives. It's just business.... Back to base commander, Mission Accomplished.

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