Wolf Genetics Cannabis Seeds | About


Welcome to our temple.
It's good to have you here.
Wolf Genetics is the coming together
Of a lifetime of work.

Since I was very young I have been using
And breeding cannabis
To treat my health and enjoyed
Smoking fine cannabis and hashish.
The dream that became my
Life mission and a never ending
Journey that has taken me to countless
Locations around the world,
In search for the finest and tastiest
Cannabis genetics.

Endless travels and adventures,
Collection and preservation of landraces,
Unusual breeding programs,
Refined to perfection with the mission of
Breeding the most tasty and exotic lines
And to bring you the absolute best, Always.
We love nature and love our work,
Breeding unique and original genetics
Bursting with delicious aromas and flavors.

We just love good smelling and tasting
Cannabis, Smooth like fine wine.
Paying attention to every detail and
Being perfectionists is our way of life.
The core values of Wolf Genetics
Are to set the highest standards
And provide products and services
In uncompromising and outstanding quality. 

For us, The craftsmanship of fine cannabis
Is a calling and a deed of the highest importance. It brings health and joy
To the body, Mind and soul
It unites, Brings people together
And contributes to a 
Comprehensive Cannabis Culture.

We are fanatic about your satisfaction and we are always happy to assist you
With anything you may need.

Welcome to the family

Mr. Wolf