Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds & The future

The Autoflowering strains that have been becoming increasingly popular and are getting better every year thanks to more and more breeders around the world doing research and development on scales we have never seen before.

Not only that,
One of the interesting things is how it has, is and will change everything we thought we knew about cannabis and will change the markets globally 180 degrees.

The main reason being - Autoflowering cannabis seeds provide more windows of opportunities throughout the year and the changing seasons. In some regions,
You can flower them with great success the entire year. The more sun and longer days - the better. Auto flowering marijuana seeds don't care what day or season it is, they just go.

From seed to harvest, the average autoflowering marijuana seed will finish in 60-90 days from seed. Which not only cuts down the grow time for some farmers in some cases but make it easier to cultivate at the spring and autumn, giving outdoor farmers 2 more windows to grow without much technology or any light deps on their greenhouses,
Hell, they don't even need greenhouses in some places.

Since the early 2000s we have seen a steady drought every year around summer.
That was because the main harvest comes down around late September/ October and why October is called Croptober among farmers.

The automatic seeds and cultivars have changed it. The supply and demand have never been so close. From California to the middle east, markets are flooding faster and bigger than ever.
Unlike what we all thought before,
Automatic cannabis strains are indeed getting better every year and made many of the ones that were not very keen to even try them at first (including myself) but time and a lot of work, has turned the autos into a huge part of the future of cannabis and this industry's landscape.

Market disruptive technology, powered by nature, manifested by humans.
Quite amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds together and work with mother nature.
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