Egyptian Cannabis - Not what it used to be

Some of the finest seeds from one of our finest suppliers. These are grown in Sinai, Egypt by the Bedouin tribes. So beautiful to see all these world famous genetic lines growing in here. Mostly Californian cultivars.

The Bedouin tribes of the Southern part of Israel and the Sinai peninsula and have been suffering from an ongoing neglection of the municipalities resulting in lack of jobs and infrastructure which then resulted poverty and crime and so on which made farming ganja a cornerstone of life and trade in these areas. Now totally crushing the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean market.
Completely rebranding the term Bedouin weed.

Back in the day, the local flowers and resin in the region coming out of Egypt and Lebanon were most of the time local landrace was fully seeded and you could have bowl after bowl and never get too high.

Now - A completely different ballgame. It's very interesting to see that genetics seem to be one of the main contributors to the shift in quality as well as knowledge and experience being shared globally in the last decade.

The supply and demand also never came close which makes farmers and distributors alike have to pay more attention to quality
And the Egyptian X Israeli border, Already notorious for its drug smuggling has never been so busy and the farmers and smugglers
Are driving ferraris while schooling everyone in the region on how to give zero fucks.

However, reality is much more complicated than that.

While some of this money feeds families,
Some of the money funds terrorism and private militarized and criminal gangs that have never before had this level of funding.

Perhaps a great time for consumers to
Start paying more attention to who and how their medicine was grown and for the regulators to start rethinking harsh laws and regulations.
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