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Wolf Genetics

Kings Haze™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Kings Haze™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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This is a well balanced Sativa that has been domesticated by Mr. Wolf for a very long time and has been tamed to keep shorter and thicker and give heavy yields of incredibly resinous and tasty flowers with the density of an indica but with the delightful heady high of Sativa. The mission was accomplished not very long ago after more than a decade of work. This pure and tasty cannabis line brings these rare traits to the public and combine a set of rare flavors with a very pleasant and creative brain high
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The most underrated low-key professionals in the in the game


  • Consistency

    We like to keep it consistent. amazing every time.

  • Resistance

    We value strong and resistant plants that can withstand harsh conditions

  • Reliability

    More than 22 years of breeding and experience

  • Honesty

    Make your cutomers life easier by working with the finest