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Wolf Genetics

Ninja Breakfast™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ninja Breakfast™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A super strain with insanely potent resin production, So potent it might slap you in the face so be careful! 

This indica dominant strain is a powerhouse of stench so make sure to use enough filtration / ventilation etc to mask these mad aromas that will reak every grow space. 

A fast finished, Heavy yielder, Fast hitter tasty sweet strain is a very rich marijuana strain. Flavors and aromas will range from fruity / sweet like nose with spice and earthiness. 

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The most underrated low-key professionals in the in the game


  • Consistency

    We like to keep it consistent. amazing every time.

  • Resistance

    We value strong and resistant plants that can withstand harsh conditions

  • Reliability

    More than 22 years of breeding and experience

  • Honesty

    Make your cutomers life easier by working with the finest