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Wolf Genetics

Wolf's Purple Kush™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Wolf's Purple Kush™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Wolf's Purple Kush™ Feminized Cannabis Seeds is one of the most potent and tastiest strains in the world right now and we have been working very hard to make it available for you. This strain will have rich profiles with high myrcene and is an absolute delight. 

An all around winner on all fronts - wins our LSTHS system every time.

Farmers have been praising this strain for it's ease of growing and fast finishing. 

This cultivar will finish in about 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.

LSTHS is an old testing methodoligy Mr. Wolf has created in Amsterdam back in the early 2000s in order to be able to asses and valuate cannabis genetics and select winners.

LSTHS is basically - 

Look - How does the flower look? is it dense? is it airy? is it leafy or does the calyx to leaf ratio is leaning more towards the Calyx?

Smell - is it rich? is it strong? is it pure or is it masked with some side smell we do not want to have?

Taste - How is the taste from 0 to 10? Is it rich? is it pure? is it contaminated with other unwanted flavors?

High - how storng is the high? how good does it feel? 

Smootheness - Is it smooth? when you smoke / vape does it feel clean and smooth or does it feel harsh or buring? 


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The most underrated low-key professionals in the in the game


  • Consistency

    We like to keep it consistent. amazing every time.

  • Resistance

    We value strong and resistant plants that can withstand harsh conditions

  • Reliability

    More than 22 years of breeding and experience

  • Honesty

    Make your cutomers life easier by working with the finest